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Bettina Bader

bettina bader

Bettina Bader obtained her master’s degree in Egyptology from Vienna University with the thesis Die Mergeltonkeramik (Vienna System: C) im Mittleren Reich und der Zweiten Zwischenzeit in 1997 on a topic of Egyptian archaeology. She received her PhD in Egyptology from the same university comparing the material culture of Avaris and Memphis in the Second Intermediate Period in 2004 with the thesis Tell el-Daba/Auaris und Kom Rabia/Memphis in der Zweiten Zwischenzeit.

Bettina Bader has worked in Egypt for 20 years at a number of archaeological sites including Tell el-Daba/Avaris (Austrian Archaeological Institute), Memphis/Kom Rabia (Egypt Exploration Society), Dahshur (Metropolitan Museum New York), Luxor (Luxor Town Mound salvage excavation (AERA), Deir el-Bershah (University of Leuven, Belgium) and Ehnasya el-Medina (Museo Aqueológico Nacional, Madrid). Lisht (University of Alabama) and Elephantine (Swiss Institute for Architectural Research, Cairo) specialising on the material culture of the Middle Kingdom, the Second Intermediate Period and the early New Kingdom with focus on pottery as the largest object group.

After research with the Special Research Programme SCIEM2000 (Synchronisation of Civilisation in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 2nd Millennium BC), she carried out several projects including a “Marie Curie Actions” research project in Cambridge (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research) on relations between Egypt and the Levant. After leading the project Foreigners in Egypt - The Archaeology of Culture Contact in an Egyptian Settlement at the University of Vienna (Elise Richter Project financed by the Austrian Science Fund) she is Principal Investigator of the START project Beyond Politics: The material culture of Second Intermediate Period Egypt and Nubia (1750-1550 BC) (Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology, Austrian Academy of Sciences) financed by the Austrian Science Fund)

She has taught as guest lecturer at the University of Cambridge in 2008-2010 and was temporary assistant professor for Egyptology at the Institute for Egyptology at the University of Vienna in the academic year 2012/2013.

She published two monographs:
• Tell el-Dabca XIII, Typologie und Chronologie der Mergel-C-Ton-Keramik. Materialien zum Binnenhandel des Mittleren Reiches und der Zweiten Zwischenzeit, Vienna 2001.
• Tell el-Dabca XIX. Auaris und Memphis in der Hyksoszeit. Vergleichsanalyse der materiellen Kultur, Vienna 2009.

Her latest articles include:
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