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André J. Veldmeijer

andré J. Veldmeijer

André J. Veldmeijer, Visiting Research Scholar of the American University in Cairo, has studied at Leiden University and holds a PhD from Utrecht University. He worked as vertebrate palaeontologist in museums al over the work but works as an archaeologist in Egypt since 1995, specialising in, among other things, leatherwork, cordage and basketry and footwear with a focus on technology. He (co-)directs several projects, including the Ancient Egyptian Leatherwork Project, which encompasses the Egyptian Museum Chariot Project and the Tutankhamun’s Sticks & Staves Project. He has published extensively, both for scientific and popular audiences. A full, up-to-date CV can be found here: Moreover, he founded and is current chairman (and editor of the Egyptology journal) of, one of the first online (free access) journals in palaeontology and Egyptology.