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Christina Verbeek

christina verbeek

2000. Diploma dissertation at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne in Conservation and Restoration of Art and Cultural Heritage

Since 2000. Freelance conservator, Leader of the conservation lab “AfR Atelier of Conservation and Restoration, Cologne”


Luxembourg, Musée National d´Histoire et d´Art: research and conservation of Roman wall painting fragments Brühl, Germany: conservation of Falkenlust castle, UNESCO World Heritage Bayreuth, Eremitage, Cabinet chinese (UNESCO): research, documentation and conception for conservation (2002) Frankfurt, Liebieghaus: conservation of two ancient Egyptian reliefs of the time of Sahure Koblenz, Schloß Engers: research, documentation and conception for conservation of sandstone sculptures from Ferdinand Tietz Pressath, Bavaria, Germany: conservation of an medieval wall painting Berlin, Germany: conservation of two wall paintings of the tomb of Inhercha: Ahmes-Nefertari and Amenophis I. University of Applied Sciences Cologne: member of research program about conservation of Trachyt (Cologne Cathedral; UNESCO) Nürnberg, Germany, conservation of medieval painted sculptures, St. Lorenzchurch Luxor, Egypt, organization of the international Symposium "CTT-Conservation of Theban Temples and Tombs", in cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities and the German Archaeological Institute DAI (2016). 2005-2009. Research assistant, University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany conservation project at the temple of Athribis, Sohag, Egypt. Since 1999. Tomb of Neferhotep TT 49, Luxor, Egypt: leading the conservation project


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